History, Outlook, Activities

The Department of Scientific Computing, Modeling & Simulation (SCMS), SPPU, was established in July 2020 by merging with the vision of
  • promoting scientific computing, modeling and simulation methodologies;
  • encouraging and supporting truly multi-disciplinary, problem-centric approaches to basic and applied research;
  • transcending traditional boundaries separating knowledge disciplines; and
  • keeping abreast with high-performance and other computing technologies.
The Department

Consult Us!

Collectively, SCMS-SPPU possesses expertise in diverse computational areas such as
  • Machine learning, statistical learning, data science
  • Statistical data modeling & analysis
  • Data-intensive decision support and research
  • Computational epidemiology
  • Scientific computing and large-scale numerics
  • Monte Carlo methods
  • Computational physics and materials modeling
  • Industrial and applied mathematics
  • Cryptography
  • Digital signal & image processing
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Defence ballistics
  • Free software
For consultancy enquires, please write to
«coordinator AT»

Engage With Us!

We welcome community participation and partnership in our activities in many ways; for example,
  • By offering internships for students in our academic programmes
  • As potential employers for our students
  • As research collaborators
  • As visiting/guest faculty in specialized areas of mutual interest
  • Through consulting arrangements in areas of mutual interest
To connect with us, please write to
«coordinator AT»