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Suraj Shankarlal Meghwani
Suraj Shankarlal Meghwani
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Association with CMS
M.Tech. Programme in Modeling and Simulation

Epoch of Association

Pre-CMS Education, Occupation, Field
B.E (Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering)

Post-CMS Education, Occupation, Field
Field of work : Optimization, Stochastic process in Financial Engineering. Currently : Research Scholar, School of Basic Sciences, IIT Mandi

Curricula and teaching programmes

It is unique ! Please do not disturbe it – especially with management courses!


Very supportive. Specially Dr. Sukratu Barve and Dr. Mihir Arjunwadkar For some of us CMS = Centre for Mihir and Sukratu. Dr.Deepak also helped me a lot in learning computational stuffs.

Overall experience

Overall experience was good. I do not face any difficulty during my tenure at CMS. However, some of us were very critical about the center. But in my view, being critical does not mean just being negative.

Advice for current and future students

Try to overcome math phobia and start enjoying it. Its never too late to do. In CMS, just remember good grades doesn't mean you know the subject at decent level. It is just for your encouragement.

Which direction should CMS grow in?

I have no idea about how university can help. But there are several points which i want to make : 1. Center should provide fellowship to the students. I believe this can be done by admitting students on the basis of GATE ranks. 2. Faculty from mathematics and statistics department should also be invited for teaching, but NOT from PUMBA. 3. Contact hours for each of the courses should be increased (rather than splitting the courses). 4. Though very orthodox, but attendance should be made compulsory. 5. I think center should start organizing large-duration workshops, at least once in a year, related to topics in CMS curricula – not just workshops on linux.

Further thoughts

I started asking questions in class during my M.Tech. days at CMS, and no one laughed at me even when my questions were primitive or obvious. I have continued this habit of asking questions whenever i go for lectures etc., and it is helping me a lot. All thanks to my teachers at CMS.

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