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Kunal Saraf
Kunal Saraf
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Association with CMS
MTech Programme in Modeling and Simulation

Epoch of Association

Pre-CMS Education, Occupation, Field
B.E.(Mechanical Engineering)

Post-CMS Education, Occupation, Field
M.B.A.(Operations Management), SIOM, Nashik.

Curricula and teaching programmes

The curriculum is very well designed. This course is well distributed in four semesters. The last semester is dedicated explicitly to internship, which encourages students to prepare their minds to transition from academia to corporate. Though it will also boost confidence in case anyone wants to continue their academic journey. The subjects are distributed very well across each semester from basics to advanced and then more advanced level.


All teachers are Best. The way they put efforts for teaching is really appreciable. My personal experience was very good. As I completed my B.E. and when I started to study in SCMS, then, from initial days I was thinking how to learn such mathematics-oriented subjects as our perception and mind-set about mathematics and statistics is very different but here you realized the actual meaning of each and every term. <br /> Teachers are very supportive and always ready to help.

Overall experience

My overall experience was good. The teaching staff, non-teaching staff are very helpful. There are two important things of this course which are: <br /> First thing, it is very unique course in India which offers M.Tech program in Modeling & Simulation.<br /> Second thing, it is in SPPU, Pune which provides a lot of opportunities to choose different electives across various departments.<br /> This department has good alumni base which motivates me to pursue my further career. This course changes my mind to look things in different perspective.

Advice for current and future students

I would say that you first believe on all teaching faculty as they are always guide you. Initially, the course look seems to be difficult to understand but when you understand your area of interest then rest things get easy for you. <br /> Try to learn and hands-on learning programming languages irrespective of your any background during Bachelors. Many times, you need to learn, unlearn and relearn the things for your thorough understanding of subjects. But, at the end of the day, it will definitely worth.

Which direction should CMS grow in?

In my opinion, the curriculum is well designed but only thing is that sometime it looks more research oriented. Though it is good because it will provide a good sense of understanding of things and gives answers of why & how questions. <br /> I think if students focus more towards learning programming languages and those programming languages will become the core part of curriculum then it would definitely help.

Further thoughts

Best wishes for students and thanks to all teaching and non teaching staff for providing such a platform.

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