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Jitender Yadav
Jitender Yadav
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Association with CMS
M.Tech. Programme in Modeling and Simulation

Epoch of Association

Pre-CMS Education, Occupation, Field
BE in Aeronautical Engineering

Post-CMS Education, Occupation, Field
Post M.Tech., I have worked with CAE ( as Systems Engineer for 5+ years (2010 - 2015), in the domain of Aircraft Systems Simulation, Flight Simulation, Full Flight Simulators and Real-time software development. Currently, I am working with Honeywell International as Avionics Systems Engineer, primarily working on Systems Architecture for EPIC Avionics suite.

Curricula and teaching programmes

CMS M.Tech. curriculum is quite interdisciplinary & broadly caters to requirements of both - research (academic) and industries. The course is very well designed and provides the acumen of a researcher and an inclination to applied engineering. Most of the techniques taught in the program are advanced engineering concepts that provides a comparative technical edge in research as well as industry jobs. I think CMS M.Tech. program is a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and applied engineering.


I feel lucky to have passed out in the first M.Tech. batch (2008-2010). The faculty members were great, highly proficient in their research areas. Best part was that, even though being close to Academic research, the faculty members actually had their experiences on challenging industrial problems too.

Overall experience

"Awesome" is one word answer on my experience at CMS. Great work environment, the class was a perfect mix of students from different engineering streams and even people from pure sciences (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) background. Modeling and Simulation is at the core of all the research & development activities in any industry. Having learnt the advanced methods & techniques made me quite confident of my knowledge and enabled me to get a quicker understanding & produce innovative solutions to challenging problems. With my prior background in Aeronautical engineering, and M.Tech in Modeling and Simulation, I gained a unique skill set which helped me in getting my dream job in the Flight Simulation industry @ CAE Inc. CMS M.Tech program bridges the gap between academic knowledge and industry requirements. Being the first batch, there were a lot of issues concerning the overall difficulty level of the course itself. There was a sudden jump from conventional engineering course to the CMS M.Tech program. However, the faculty members (especially Dr. Abhay, Dr. Mihir, Dr. Sukratu & Dr. Kavita) were very helping and had a very +ve attitude towards tackling the student's problems.

Advice for current and future students

1. Programming subjects at CMS are really the core of Simulation, so focus more on those. 2. Don't focus much on job towards the 2nd year end. We typically do this mistake. Focus more on the project work. Understand and relate to the Engineering practices in industries - Software Designing, Development, Integration and Testing. Organized & applied research projects are the key to a good engineering acumen. 3. Get in touch with the alumni for suggestions on projects. 4. Keep a track of industry project challenges and participate wherever you can. 5. Don't forget - You will definitely get a JOB after the course. Focus more on learning by taking up interesting assignments and projects. 6. Last, but not the least, Focus on learning presentation & techno-commercial communication skills. Try to have frequent presentations of assignments etc during the course to share knowledge and learnings.

Which direction should CMS grow in?

I have very expectations of CMS growing as a great hub for educating engineers from all over the world. I do have a few suggestions though, which would probably help in spreading awareness about CMS: 1. Industry Collaboration: Aim towards collaborating more with the industry, typically by showcasing the projects that students have accomplished and the available pool of competencies & skill set. This can be boosted by the alumni, however an organized thought and plan is a must. 2. Research Collaboration: Collaboration with international M&S programs for student exchange programs. Feasibility of working on projects which other centres are already working on as a team. 3. Marketing of CMS in industry: Not sure if that is in one of the mandates of CMS policies, however, a good marketing strategy would help pooling great researchers as well as industries. 4. Organize more industry talks and seminars to spread awareness: Again, alumni could be of quite an help.

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