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Himanshu Srivastava
Himanshu Srivastava
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Association with CMS
M.Tech. Programme in Modeling and Simulation

Epoch of Association
2011 to 2013

Pre-CMS Education, Occupation, Field
MCA IGNOU, BSc Electronics - Delhi University,

Post-CMS Education, Occupation, Field
Technical Architect Capgemini Sogeti group, India. I am aiming for a senior Research Scientist/PhD Scholar position in applied Mathematical Modeling and Simulation fields, viz. – Space Sciences, Technology/Engineering and Astrophysics, Robotics & Robust Control Systems, Machine Vision systems, AI and Machine Learning systems, Solving large scale/Real world computational models using Computation Fluid Dynamics CFD (FEM/FEA analysis).

Honours and Achievements
Post CMS education this is what I have achieved in Industry (IGATE/Capgemini Ltd.): 1. R&D and Delivery handling of Innovative Industrial Automation solutions in Machine Vision/AI, Mathematical modeling, Industrial Statistics and DOE for prestigious Australian Mining Industry Client’s reputed Technology & Innovation Division ODC; 2. R&D and Delivery handling for prestigious American Medical industry clients in surgical, radiology, Surgical assistance control system and medical imaging and visualization systems; 3. R&D and Delivery handling for prestigious American and Japanese Automotive clients for embedded domain solutions. 4. Playing multiple roles - Technical Architect/Project Manager/Project Lead for various Machine Vision and statistical analysis teams researching on Sensor interfacing, image processing algorithms based systems. Overseeing product development in MATLAB/ R, Qt/ C++/ VC++, Opencv, QNX RTOS, Intel IPP, 4WD/2WD Robotic platforms, and DSP based Automation software /hardware on MS Windows/Linux machines. 5. Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Industrial Design of Experiments (DOE), Machine Learning, Data Mining and Statistical/Data Analytics for engineering plants productivity analysis. 6. Automotive product verification strategy, architecture and framework design Engineer for embedded Multithreaded, multi-process state flow and Simulink Model Based Designs for DSpace model verification for CCTV based vehicle passenger assistance. 7. DICOM/CT Image parsing, registration for image processing, 2D to 3D volume reconstruction of segments, 3D Visualization application development using Opencv C++, Qt, Opengl, vtk, itk on Ubuntu/windows/web technologies Awards received in iGate/capgemini during my appointment tenure: 1. P&ES ‘Pat on the Back’ Award for IGATE, Situational Awareness project as Project Lead and individual contributor for quickest deliveries and complete solutions; 2. For spectroscopy project, received prestigious client’s ‘Wall of Fame’ award and delivery wall of fame listing; 3. Prestigious ‘Client’s Workplace Zero Hazard Safety Team award’ for conducting mammoth Engineering field trial with zero hazards to humans and machines which involved heavy moving and lifting vehicles, industrial sensors, heavy mechanical instruments and coordination between multiple engineering teams. 4. For Industrial plant Design of Experiments project, received ODC’s prestigious ‘Wall of Fame’ plaques for saving huge costs in plant investments and operations through engineering analysis decisions as Project Manager and Statistical Analyst/SME. 5. Received ‘Midas touch’ - Mentor of the Quarter, Q2, 2014 award and trophy for guiding R&D teams and individuals in the IGATE. Also nominated for Mentor of the Quarter award three quarters in succession. 6. IGATE “Certificate of Excellence for outstanding performance in day to day Engineering work” for year 2014 from iGate off Shore Development Centre.

Curricula and teaching programmes

They are good and intensive, however a mandatory research fellowship to all students would help them keep focused on research as many students face hardships and leave research for industry jobs.


Teachers are great mentors and gentle human beings even with their big achievements.

Overall experience

Great! We were mentored even at 8 pm on Saturdays, when we needed mentoring and were facing tough situations in life. Education was free and open at all times.

Impact on career and growth

Yes. Please see achievements and awards. There was a confident problem solving ability introduced in daily skills. knowledge of different domains is much more advanced. also the hostel training helped to open up with more diverse communities.

Advice for current and future students

Sheer hard work is required for a goal to be achieved. Not to waste time on anything not urgent. Focus is necessary for any substantial achievement in life.

Which direction should CMS grow in?

Need to collaborate with International Institute of excellence and have milestones for targeting to become an excellence center for modeling and simulation in the country. University should provide projects for students and Teachers and scholarships for PhD opportunities in Modeling and Simulations domain as well as visiting faculty exchange to international Institutes of repute.

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