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I am an Assistant Professor selected under University Grant Commission's (UGC) Faculty Recharge Programme (FRP). I have been hosted at the Centre since June 2013.

Prior to joining the Centre I finished three years of post-doctoral work at National Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Alberta, Canada (2010-12) and at University of Nebraska - Lincoln, USA (2012-13). I have a Ph.D. in Physics from University of Pune, India (2010).

I have my special interests in computational material science and photography!

Code developer

I have contributed towards following codes:
  • LMTO-ASA (Spectral function)
  • 3D- Reference Interaction Site Model (RISM)
  • Quantum ESPRESSO (Private version)
  • Configuration Interaction code
  • Real space Density Functional Code for arbitrary potential
  • Several Post Processing Utilities for USPEX, LAMMPS, Quantum ESPRESSO etc.
  • Personal Bird Catalogue

Research & Consultancy

  • h-index : 9          
  • Articles : 20          
  • Citations : 269*

* As of Apr 2017

List of publications.

Computational condensed matter physics has become an integral part of modern day materials science. The ability of computational physics to model and simulate the real life scenarios offers a great deal of advantage in understanding the underlying physics, especially in the nanotechnology area. The elegant nature of modeling and simulating the experimental scenarios is to me the most attractive part of this field. It is the ability to examine the nanoscopic structure of materials which gives me impetus to pursue the research in this exciting field.

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Research Group

Nilakantha Tripathy

Shalmalee Kapse

Ashwini Mali

Ambrish Rawat

Mohammad Ubaid

Sanchit Badamikar


  • Ranju Bala
  • Monika Jawale
  • Rajat Sonkar

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When not doing physics I am generally rambling in the forests and among the mountains, doing bird watching and photography. These are some articles/writings based on these experiences.






Hamodes propitia

Moths of Savitribai Phule Pune University

Bird Watching Package & Data


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